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At their highest, Admetos people are world creators and visionaries for the future of our planet and people. Stoppages blood clots, phlebitis, soft tissue injury, etc. And choking is a big thing for Admetos people. Choking, gagging and suffocation are the big 3 for Admetos. Think about emotional blockages as well, that is the foundation floor for all these symptoms. And like a stunted tree, they never grow well, and always in some way, gnarled and twisted, instead. Coma victims are found here.

Autism, a deep inner life but no outlet to the real world, is also under the rulership of Admetos. That is why you see so many Admetos people living in deserts or on islands near or on the Equator. They prefer a warm climate and very little rain.

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Rain depresses them very quickly. Chilly by nature. Secretive afraid others will see their vulnerability. Closed mouth. They listen more than they speak. They hold many, many secrets and will never give them up to others. What is said to them stays with them. Tactless the truth above all else, no holds barred. If you ask, you get their truth. Dry thirstless, dry skin, dried up emotionally, like dry areas like deserts, low humidity, very little rain.

Stiff as in joints, muscles stiffening up with age or injury. Alone and liking it. Or being alone. Unmarried throughout life.

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They are introverts by nature. Being alone recharges their battery.

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They do best owning their own business. Restriction circulation. Often, in their childhood, they have been severely restricted by parents or environment. That is why they must learn to show their emotions and not be afraid to reach out to be held. Some Admetos people actually hate to be hugged or embraced because of the sterile childhood they were raised in. Latch Key children syndrome is with this planet. Children with a strong Admetos who are forced into early day care and no parenting throughout because both parents work, are gravely wounded in the course.

And like animals who are motherless, they curl up and retract inward for the rest of their lives. But this is why. Many Admetos people suffer a great trauma or two in their lives. Usually it comes out of the blue hidden until the last minute and it shocks them. This can be on any and all levels. Poor circulation. Admetos gets myopic and focused on something and loses sense of everything else. They can sit for hours on a project and barely move. They need to get up every twenty minutes, walk around and loosen up. Cold hands and fingers due to poor circulation. If a smoker, this increases the problem ten fold.

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It is a genetic dis-ease. And in each case, it turned out to be true. The doctor was warned in time and a C-section was performed to save the baby.

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Every Admetos person has mother Moon issues. They had no breast milk as an infant, which personifies life giving nutrients, nurturing and maternal love. Not every woman is capable of mothering and in this case, the Admetos child is damned from the moment of conception. Admetos may search all of his or her life for sustenance, life quenching, life giving experiences through people, places and things. It is a lifetime of searching for breast milk to sustain and help them bloom, metaphorically speaking.

Some Admetos children are adopted and never told the truth until much later the shock alone will throw them into a tail spin for years or decades afterward. Or, their conception is kept a secret by the mother.

With Admetos, you get some very serious family skeletons in the closet. Whose child is it, anyway? Admetos children can become orphaned more than any other planet in astrology.

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It is a sterile environment where the childhood is lost or warped to such a degree that it takes Admetos decades to come to terms with it all. Admetos people who were rejected at birth by their mother literally or figuratively speaking , will usually compensate by seeking out people who are not like his or her parents or mother. Instead, they will draw nurturing people who feed Admetos instead. This is why Admetos blooms later in life They may not have had any choice in their parents, but they have full control to choose their friends. And the second time around, they choose people who lavish them with the food of life instead of starving emotionally to death as they did in childhood.

Feelings are usually sat on because they were not allowed in the first eighteen years of life. Admetos is in a prison, literally speaking, for those years. They have no choice but to swallow their feelings and simply try to survive the childhood. And if nothing else, Admetos people ARE survivors. Admetos people prefer a desert to live in where there is no water?

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Water equals emotions. Hence, their love of the DRY, rainless desert! No one has more ideas than Admetos. The secret is that they are either consciously or unconsciously tapping into the world of archetypal symbols, past and present. When one does this, the treasure chest of all knowledge from all times and cultures becomes available to them. They are seed idea people. Want a new idea?

Just ask an Admetos person. They write or talk or teach on a wide, broad canvas that few people can match or imitate. Admetos simply sees the multidimensional worlds through his or her multi focused lenses. They are often inventors. They love all the ancient sciences. At the highest level, some are hooked into the fractal world and reflect completely new theories and concepts. Germination of an idea, a vision, a bacteria, a virus, the beginning of a disease that goes undetected until too late.

No one germinates more than Admetos. They are a Cosmic Garden on steroids. Best of all, Admetos not only gets the idea, but runs with it and is able to work hard to make it manifest here on Earth. They finish what they start. On a less positive side, a bacteria or virus can incubate for years or decades in an Admetos person, wreaking silent damage to a system or organ, before its discovered. Development Room processing film negatives.

It start as a intuitive hit, and then, it begins to develop more and more over time. Finally, the print, the photo, the idea, becomes perfectly clear and Admetos can not only see it, but verbalizing, draw or write about it. They have an amazing creative process.

Writers with a strong Admetos tend to write a lot of books over their lifetime. They are amazing producers of information on any and all levels. As artist, musician or song creator, the Admetos person, once they get entrance into that world, continue to thrive in it for decades. They are long distance runners when it comes to creativity.

Admetos leaves Mercury in the dust! And if you notice, the glyph for Admetos has Mercury in it! Negative film. Admetos children frequently come from economical poor or deprived childhood. However, the high side of Admetos draws in mentors, experiences and situations that allows Admetos to bloom over a long period of time. When they do bloom…. They are idea factories. Decline in health after long, hard enduring of stressful situation. If they can release the bitterness of their childhood, make peace with the mother, then their health will improve remarkably.

Settled as in uric acid crystals settling in joints of Gout or calcification in joints with Arthritis. They are the proverbial clam shell that is closed, but holds a pearl deep within them. Going back to basics speak in every day language; they are not academicians with one dollar words. Building a strong foundation their physical body is always strong and can endure incredible hardship and beatings from Life before breaking down. Difficult childbirth or difficult labor woman may have many spontaneous miscarriages or abortions by choice. Have you gotten out of your way and live in the moment?

Only then will you get to the very top and reach Overlooking Eternity, the acme of Creation. At this point of Kronos you are able to oversee everything going on in all the worlds expanding in infinite directions. Spirit is omnipresent here and the 8th chakra of the Higher Self activates to merge with spirits that have crossed and activating the mediumship and intuitive abilities. Kronos is the culmination of your life lessons and experiences, and anything and everything you want to learn about is here.

The future will unravel itself in its own time that best suits you. Kronos: The spiritual plane, height, mediumship, airplanes, tornados, the very best. When Kronos is in 3rd house, the Native will be blessed with Spirit communication. Look in the 12th House or pre-natal work for any indicators that may suggest a past life of high spiritual power, such as a clergyman, druid, or shaman. It is also key to examine the Hades placement as it is the dyadic equivalent of Kronos.

If Kronos is in House 12, the Native is a natural medium and vibrates on the spiritual plane. IP: Logged. I will add: a "descent into Underworld" type of experience, metamorphosis, power. Zeus: laws and "official" relationships, passion, domination, fire, inspiration, victory, strong sexuality. Cupido: love, marriage "karmic, long-lasting relationship", wish-fulfilling. Apollo: fertility, abundance,creativity, visualization, imagination, success, harvest. Admetos: inescapable fate, turning-point, a place of surrender to the Universe.

Kronos: higher realms connections, the best outcome. Apollo on 5 Libra, exactly conjunct MC Great placement! Idealistic in relationship, great chance for being with a soulmate, Uranus epmphazised in relationships Admetos on 4 Taurus 5th trine Venus on 6 Cap I suppose Perhaps a blockage or turning point here, something inescapable involving waiting and the "right timing" which is not up to you. Hades on 22 Taurus 6th, sextile Eros and Vertex, quinkunx Poseidon, quinkunx ast. Proserpina on 21 Sag; oh conjunct Odysseus and opposite Penelope Some Hades like, uncoscious-related health problems?

Strong compulsive nature being in Taurus and 6th and with those aspects? Kronos on 10 Sag 7th, conjunct my SN exact, and DSC by 3 degrees, squaring Jupiter, trine Pluto opposite Neptune An old spirit, a soulmate relationship, fate intervention, Neptune emphasized again Vulkanus 6 Cancer 7th exactly opposite Venus and Isis-Osiris by 2 degrees, also conjunct Tara exact Haha quite self-explanatory Strong morals, perhaps outbursts of domination with the Moon quincunx?

The last two are quite Venusian. Thanks for show me this, Leeloo. So Apollon, Cupido aren't the same as the asteroids then. Hmm, have to check further, let me try I can't wrap my mind around this! There's an atomic blast waiting for me down the road? I have to think about this more, right now I shall hop to bed.

Sweet dreams, everyone! I have: 1. Hades in the 6th conjuncts chiron and paradise ruled by mercury and this stellium inconjuncts my saturn. Zeus in the 10th opposes exact my moon applying. My cupido in the 11th would appear unaspected but it semisextiles apollon, opposes admetos, trines Vulkanus, AND sextiles my earth grand trine between Priapus, pallas, and chaos. Cupido also opposes osiris by 3 orbs and 12 minutes. My Poseidan in the 11th sextiles my venus and mars, sextiles neptune and my sun-moon midpoint, and conjuncts pluto.

I have always felt my crown chakra is doing good but yet other "lower" chakras need to be strengthened. Kronos in the 7th ruled by mercury squares my retro mercury which rules my 7th house, 10th house and sun; exact. Kronos sesquisquares exact saturn. WOW this all explains a lot! Thanks Leeloo. Really amazing thread.

Clark, It would be interesting to compare this with the "Purgatory" concept from Catholic Christian literature eliminated in many Protestant sects. But it is not hell. There are areas that are like purgatory, but also the Elusian fields for the heroes and saints, which is most comparable to paradise.

Introduction and Methodology

And there are the grey-areas, where the souls, who have been neither exceptionally good nor bad, wander around. Thank you for the summary. Also we need to keep in mind that these hypothetical objects "move" very slow well I am still not sold on the idea of using hypothetical things. Anyway Mr Sag and me are 5 years apart in age, and for example Cupido moved only 3 degrees during this time, whereas Pluto, which is slow on its own, moved 12 degrees.

So the orbs need to be really tight. There seems to be a subtle responsiveness up to 5 degrees though, as stated by Eileen Naumann, though she also prefers tighter orbs - 2 degrees in her case. Ok, so i guess it is a very lucky placement for Apollon in a natal chart. I can make all the money and fame i set my eye onto. Actually it has worked in a similar way. Whenever i do a i-need-more-money meditation on World Tarot card , i receive it in a few days or weeks. Any interpretations? You will generally be successful, happy, perhaps a creative profession" That sounds good. It is also sextile Mars exact, but squares Venus by one degree.

Well it emphasises the Neptunian theme in my chart. In more evolved settings, it is the perceptive and compassionate individual with a social conscience and a drive to serve others for the improvement of society. It has high manifestations and low manifestations that are as remarkably different as those of Pluto. Because so many of our social and cultural paradigms do not provide us clear understanding of what these energies are and how to use them; and thus who consciously seek understanding of the energies are able to make the higher potentials manifest, while those who do not are left in the dark to struggle with the energies semi-consciously or unconsciously.

I will be looking for a copy of this in the coming days. Or gain additional insights into family matters, creative skills, or points of possible blockage? If so, why not include the eight Uranian or transNeptunian planets in your next printout. Adding extra planets may seem like the perfect formula for creating unnecessary confusion, but you'll soon be amazed by the additional information that these remarkable symbols can provide.

Discovered by the German astrologers Alfred Witte and Friedrich Sieggruen during the early years of the 20th century and called transNeptunian planets, or TNPs, since Neptune was the outermost planet at that time , these eight hypothetical planets represent valuable additions to the language of astrology. Let's look briefly at some of the ideas and areas of experience that they symbolize. For each Uranian planet, concise keywords by Arlene Kramer are given first, followed by a more general description, and finally some examples of how these planets figure in the charts of famous people.

Defined by the combined glyphs of Venus and Jupiter, Cupido represents social ties and group affiliations, and has links to the world of art as well. It can symbolize one's personal family as well as one's business or corporate family or more generally any organization, agency, or other social collective , and is frequently prominent at times of marriage. Those who have studied the chart for England's Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana in will no doubt recall the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at 5 degrees Libra, which in turn is being closely aspected by both Venus 5 degrees Virgo and the Sun 6 degrees Leo.

But what may not have been noticed is the presence of Cupido 5 degrees Scorpio making aspects to these same planets, and thus adding its own "matrimonial" and "family" flavor to the occasion. On the business side of Cupido, one might note the considerable "corporate restructuring" that was taking place during the early s, when transiting Pluto made a series of conjunctions with transiting Cupido.

Since Kronos, the planet of royalty, was exactly trining this Pluto-Cupido "family developments" combination during much of this time as well, it is not surprising that significant changes both marriages and separations took place among the members of England's royal family at precisely this same time. Representing many of the more sordid or disagreeable sides of life, Hades is associated with waste, decay, illness, sorrow, and want -- as well as anything that is vulgar, crime-related, or crude.

But it can also refer, without any unpleasant overtones, to antiques, ancient art, and other things from the distant past. Doctors and others in the healing and helping professions often have links between Hades and the Ascendant, thus reflecting the needs and problems of their clients. Jonas Salk, the inventor of the Salk polio vaccine, has his natal Hades 21 degrees Pisces exactly trining the midpoint 21 degrees Scorpio of his close Mercury-Mars "walking," and other "motor skills" conjunction in Scorpio.

On the other hand, the sextile present in film comedian Charlie Chaplin's chart between natal Hades 27 degrees Aquarius and the natal Sun 27 degrees Aries no doubt relates as much to his film image as the penniless tramp as it does to the poverty he experienced as a child. A symbol of "controlled energy," Zeus is linked to all types of creative and procreative endeavors. It has an active, fiery nature, and lends considerable zest and drive to whatever it touches.

Machinery, weapons, and the combustion engine are all related to Zeus, as are production lines and leadership activities. The soft aspects, semi-sextile, sextile, trine, and quincunx are also easily viewed on the dial by using the sign boundaries. Therefore, the dial is not only a tool for examining symmetry, but it is a wonderful aspectarian as well. Uranian astrologers use the cardinal axis or eight-armed cross to represent the world at large.

With the pointer on the cardinal axis, the astrologer looks for planets symmetrically arranged around the axis or in aspect to the axis.

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