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Fortunately, your canny planning skills lend an edge where current money issues are concerned. Mercury promises to lighten up on your bank account.

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In the meantime, think positive regarding a past misadventure. Long term goals come into sharper focus. Many Cancers will get the credit they deserve. About time! All of you will have clearer sense of this year's "big picture" is supposed to be about. LEO July Aug. Enough of that wussy, indecisive stuff.

We're talking direction, we're talking deciding what really, really matters and tackling it head on. Go-getter Leos are a force to be reckoned with most particularly where career matters are concerned. Roadblocks are down all along the Yellow Brick Road. No excuse now for not moving forward on a long standing goal.

Mobilize friends and colleagues for support. Think out of the box. Your success potential runs high as the warming trend continues. Birthday dreams can come true now. The most important involves a contract or partnership. Opportunity is about to do the knock!

Minerva's Sunday horoscope: 8/26/18

Good stuff! The Goddess only knows you deserve it. In other news: expect to resolve a troublesome communication issue, something dealing with a class or seminar. Though you've got the green light, it's pale green. Don't stop balancing accounts or checking bank statements. Mercury is a merry prankster in your house of shared resources. It's the old neither a borrower nor a lender thing.

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Is there life after lobotomy? Tell us. Happily, Mercury is moving forward. Time now to get cracking on an all important contract issue. But even that isn't the whole story. Think carefully. What-- should we say?

Minerva's Sunday horoscope: 9/29/19

What do you really, really want? And need It's contract time. A born again Mercury stands ready to guide you to the dotted line. Everyone knows that! What they may not know is that when you're bad. Like this week when a reformed Mercury gets smart where creative issues are concerned. Did someone say Midas touch? I've never been attracted to another man since I've been married.

Suddenly I'm very attracted to a Virgo, birthday. He feels the same about me. This week: Be prepared to take progressive action. Expect doors to open.

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Life happens. Things get done. The Sixth House is as nitty-gritty as it gets. Use Friday's New Moon energy to take a long, hard look at the people who enable you.

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Turn about is fair play. Plan a treat and make it happen.

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This is your Fifth House, generally associated with procreation and children but it also addresses culture and the creation of art. Enjoy, we're talking pleasure and passion. Use new moon energy to re-think filing cabinets, closets and--most particularly--house helpers.

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A decision is in order. Sooner rather than later, don't you think? What about Friday morning? With you for a teacher, wannabe pets are legion. Perceptive Moonchidren are tailormade for guru slots. Consider altering your M. LEO July Aug. A gypsy spots Board Walk in your future. Decisions made Friday and acted upon immediately can land you in the winner's seat. A consortium's involved.

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  • You're in charge-or should be. The crystal is starting to cloud. Weird, wild influences impact your personal infrastructure. What's it like to have so much power? Ask and ye shall receive, Virg. Make a decision Friday as your personal year takes off. What about secret? Not likely with the sun and new moon power tripping in your mystery house! Since Libras live to please and hate nothing more than the word "no," key details can get shoved under the rug.

    Review and revise a past decision regarding communications. Now, suddenly, a sun-moon SWAT team morphs a seemingly impossible dream into no problema.

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    Sfgate horoscope sunday

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